The Knocks at Your Door

The Knocks at Your Door


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I can't get
You out of my mind,
And there's no explanation why.
I cycle through all I must do
And then right back to you.
Lately, that's how
I've spent my time.

So said the scorpion.
"Beware of entering my den".

Is that it,
Was I stung then?
And is this your venom?
I'm not sure
If I should be scared or excited
Because this feels
Like a piece of amazing.

Something says to be careful,
But this fool is rushing in.
"Proceed with care…"
"Ok seriously, stop right here."
That's what the voices are saying,
And I stay steady ignoring.

I know how it seems,
But who know's what this is.
Is it because he's a masochist,
Or is he just being a love fiend?!

"Ok, that's enough. Focus!"
Snapping myself back to the task at hand.
My attention swinging like a pendulum
On a beautiful distraction.

Locked in discussions with myself,
This is now what I'm doing.
Swimming through thoughts,
Seeing where they're flowing.
And now I'm standing
At the door to your den
In spite of the warnings.

Navigated through the moat,
Here I am knocking.
Don't pretend that
You don't hear me,
Cut the games
And let me in.

Music: Crush by Yuna & Usher

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